End-point Outlets

Host Device - A Wall Outlet

A typical Host Device – a wall outlet for plug-and-play Client Devices

Client Device - A Wall Switch

A typical Client Device – plugs into a Host Device


End-point Loads

Light Fixtures

Modular Ceiling Lights

Installs and is ready to use in minutes.

Overhead Fan Fixtures

Ceiling Fan Assembly

Secure and robust mounting system. Installs in minutes. Options for dedicated circuits to control each fan motor and lights independently.

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Scalable Technology

Solar/Charging | Home Automation | Perimeter Security

Home Automation

Portal Tex platform allows deployment of the most advanced new and upcoming home automation solutions.

Freedom to choose, mix and match any proprietary technology and the combinations of – using the Interoperability and Stackable Tech features of the PTX platform.

Interior Design Solutions - example

Interior Example – a multi-purpose kitchen island

Host outlets are installed directly onto the surface of the kitchen top counter. Set a desired functionality by simply plugging in the needed Client Devices, e.g.:

  • Induction Oven
  • Mixer

Enable ‘smart technology’ solutions by inserting an appropriate Interoperability Adapter – e.g. add a controller dashboard, compatible with your Alexa, Google, or Apple Home applications. Individually, or all of them at once!

Scalable Technology

Modular Components
Compatibility - irrespective of proprietary origin
The Client Gadgets are mobile and portable.
Standardized Mounting


The Path Forward
Help us give way to innovation!